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Want better health care? Grassley says go work for the federal government!

I found this post while researching town hall meeting videos on YouTube. It proves my point about Gus and the decisions that were made by the insurance company concerning his testing at Mayo Clinic.

If Gus was covered by the federal plan, he could have gone to Mayo, and at much less cost to us than it will be if we decide to go once we can upgrade to a PPO in 2010. Here are the facts about Gus’ medical care under our current system:

1. His doctor did NOT get to decide where Gus received his medical care. Our insurance company decided.

2. We wanted Gus to go to Mayo Clinic. But it was too expensive for us to pay out-of-pocket.

3. Gus got lucky in terms of being well for several months. But the surgeries are not over.


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